Monday, 30 May 2011

Le Monnier release new single

You may remember some time agao me writing about Le Monnier and you probably know as well that they are headlining Ladyfest Essex

well they are releasing a new single 'Con Amor Siempre' which in my opinion, is amazing, it has the same awesome epic feel of songs on 'Cynic Sister' and mulitplies the power by at least ten. It's songs like this which make me wonder why this band isn't more known yet! If you like rock with great grrrl vocals, good basslines and frankly fantastic metal tinged guitars, you will love this track.

The song is officially released on June 13th, but if you're attending Ladyfest Essex on June 11th, you will be able to get a limited edition of the single for a mere £2 with 25% of the money going to the charity Ladyfest Essex is supporting 'Refuge'

you can hear the track right here and on my show in the next few weeks- what do you think?

Con Amor
by Le Monnier

you can check out more info on the Hertfordshire based band on their website, their new album is released in September.

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