Sunday, 28 August 2011

Interview: Lindsay Ullmann

I interviewed upcoming artist Lindsay Ullmann, check out her music on her website

How would you describe your music?

I would say it’s full of passion and mainly quite rock felt, some of it is quite feisty, whereas other parts our slightly more vulnerable.

How long have you had an interest in music and when did you start taking it more seriously?

I’ve always been interested in music, ever since I can remember! I even use to sing myself to sleep at night! I started taking it more seriously in 2006 when I started doing a lot of karaoke and open mic nights, people kept telling me that I had a really good voice. I was always a writer so I started to focus more on my singing and writing then.

When did you start writing songs/playing instruments?

I started writing poetry at a very young age and it just developed from there really as I was able to turn my poetry into songs as well. I only just started writing songs on guitar this year after teaching myself the chords. Before I was writing them on keyboard but I’ve always preferred guitar. I’m no good at playing guitar live however, as I’m simply not strong enough in that sense - I merely use the guitar to write songs.

On your website, it suggests there is a spiritual edge to your lyrics, are you religious at all, or spiritually aware? Or is there another reason for this?

No I’m not religious. I feel religion and spirituality are two very different things. I’m spiritual in the sense that I feel in touch with the universe and have a very strong ability to feel, including other peoples’ emotions, which is why I write so much. I also do a lot of spiritual work and channel information so when I write songs this tends to happen in the same way. For example, sometimes I will write a set of lyrics, look back over them the next day and think “Where did that come from?” – It’s almost as if I am tuned into a higher force, and I think a lot of artists work that way, sometimes without even realising.

What inspires you to write?

Everything! I receive a lot of messages on a day to day basis from the outside world and also my inner world. If you are a “feeling person” and a “sensitive” then it’s very easy to express how you feel and also how you feel about the world. All that information received has to be let out in someway, and song writing is the perfect way to do it. I actually see it as a healing process much of the time. A lot of the songs I write are indeed about my feelings, but some of the songs I write are also about other people – sometimes there is no need to step in somebody else ‘s shoes because you are already in them! So again, I’m inspired by what other people go through.

What musicians inspire your music? Any particular idols?

I was hugely inspired by Nirvana as a teenager. I also love Cat Stevens, Billy Joel and a lot of folk music. I’ve also got all the Fall Out Boy albums – they are my favourite! I think Patrick Stump is a very, very talented man.

Tell us about the single 'Bloodsucker', what's it about, when is it released and where can people buy it from?

It’s actually a long story. I was having a bad time after a break up and came to the conclusion that all the bad guys – the ones that drain you emotionally - “Bloodsuckers”as I call them seem to be the only ones that can put real passion into a relationship, but they always seems to lack the emotional commitment, so although you get the passion you also end up feeling rather drained! So I’d been dating a guy you see that was perfectly lovely, but was just “too nice” and I was getting rather bored – so I decided to write the song “Bloodsucker” out of sheer frustration!

Bloodsucker will be available to download from all major download sites on 19th September this year.

Any plans to release an album?

I would absolutely love to release an album! I have lots of material waiting to be recorded!

Where do you hope to be in five years time?

I would certainly like to think that I’d released a few albums!

My radio show focuses on female fronted bands and has a feminist stance, do you consider yourself to be a feminist? Why or why not? Any relevant experiences?
Thanks very much!!

Yes, I am indeed –I’ve always believed in equal rights and have been bought up in a household which is very “equal rights” so absolutely.

Friday, 26 August 2011

this weeks playlist

The Go- Go’s- We Got The Beat
Bow Wow Wow- Go Wild in the Country
Blondie- I’m Gonna Love You Too
Soho Dolls- Bang Bang Bang
Peaches- Downtown
MEN- My Family
The Gossip- Dark Lines
Veruca Salt- Volcano Girls
The Runaways- Wait For Me
Girlschool- Take It All Away
Pat Benatar- Love is a Battlefield
The Creepshow- Candykiss
Evanescence- The Only One
An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump
X Ray Spex- Oh Bondage Up Yours!
Daisy Chainsaw- The Future Free

The Joy Formidable- Greyhounds in the Slips
Blood Red Shoes- Take the Weight
The Long Blondes- Weekend Without Make up
KT Tunstall- Hold On
Tilly and the Wall- Fell Down the Stairs
Le Monnier- Save Yourself
Dirty Love- Instant Gratification
Ten Tigers- 82
Wetdog- Alibi
Misnomer- Turn Away
The Go! Team- Ladyflash
Regina Spektor- Fidelity
Alisha’s Attic- Intense
Girls Girls Girls- Dr.Feelgood

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Part 6: The 30 Day Song Challenge

Song 16: A Song you Used to Love but now hate- was a big fan as a young teen, but wore off...

Song 17: A Song you always hear on the radio- the one Adele song I don't mind

Song 18: A Song you wish you heard on the radio- pretty much everything I listen to, that's why I started my radio show in the first place, but I don't think I've ever heard this on mainstream radio

Monday, 15 August 2011

Interview: Georgia of Bitter Ruin!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Georgia, a member of the great band Bitter Ruin. We had a little chat about inspirations, feminism and the new single 'Trust' Here's what she said:
For readers that maybe unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe the sound of Bitter Ruin? 
 Georgia: Elements of rock, musical theatre, classical and flamenco. We have found the best genre description to be 'contemporary expressionism' - meaning that the style, mood, instrumentation etc changes according to the message of the song.    
  Have you had any classical music training or are you self taught?
  G: Both of us have been classically trained in Piano and we have degrees in music. But I always think there's a huge element of self tuition with anything your passionate about.   
   Bitter Ruin are recommended to fans of Dresden Dolls and there are certainly similar elements to your music. What was it like touring with Amanda Palmer? 
 G: Well, I think the core of the music is very different but there are similarities in the noir edge to the lyrics and the passionate delivery. Also, both bands are boy girl duos. Touring with Amanda is great fun, singin Delilah with the Dolls in Boston has to be one of the best moments of our career so far.(note- they are also supporting AFP on her London dates in September) 
 Who are your idols and how have they influenced your life- whether it be by music or another area of your life?  
Georgia and Ben: I (Georgia) Love Fiona Apple and also strong female performers like Beyonce, but I prefer the songwriting of people like Fiona or PJ Harvey. I (Ben) am really into Jeff Buckley and some heavier stuff too as well as the Flamenco greats, however, I have a soft spot for Stevie Wonder! 
 My radio show focuses on female fronted and all female bands, and has a feminist stance. Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? And do you think women in music get the attention they deserve? 
 G: Am I a feminist??? Have you HEARD our album?! Yes, hugely...all men, just kidding! But, I don't think women are treated much differently to men in the industry these days, I know that I pretty much run this band and everything that goes on around it and I have never had to overcome any obstacles because of my sex. However, I purposefully try to look a little messy in videos and photos etc because I do worry that I'll look too glamorous (being young and blond and all) and that people will not take the music seriously. But I could never be bothered with make up anyway!
   What inspires Bitter Ruin's songwriting? Is it an easy process? 
 G: I'd say that it could be easy...but we manage to make it as hard as possible! - The songs always come from real life experiences, I think good songs can ONLY come from real life. They tend to be written by me  and then we'll spend hours and hours on the harmonies and guitar parts...I'd say each song takes 30 hours of arrangement before we're ready to rehearse it!!! 
 Tell us about your new single 'Trust' what's the song about, the story behind the video and when can people buy it? 
 G: HAHA! Yes, well amazingly Stephen Fry just tweeted the video yesterday. It had 7500 views overnight! But the song is essentially an argument. It's a desperate rant and lull between two lovers who are in the turmoil of a vicious break up...screaming and slamming doors and all that drama!  Trust is available for 'official' download on the 3.10.11 - But if you join our twitter/facebook/mailing list at, we'll remind you about that! 
 Any tour dates coming up? 
G: LOADS...we're doing a huge UK tour with the likes of Amanda Palmer and Duke Special, we're bound to be somewhere near you soon, wherever you live. All of the dates are on the website too.  Any bands you would like to recommend to my readers?  If you haven't heard of her, Fiona Apple and also Jack Weissman, he's supporting us on tour! He rocks!  When can fans expect a new album?  CRIKEY! Yes, erm, we have all of the songs ready to go, it's just a case of finding time to record...I hope we'll record in December and maybe have something out by May 2012 - but don't hold me to that!    

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Part 5: the 30 day song challenge

Song 13: A Guilty Pleasure

Song 14: A Song That No One Would Expect Me To Like

Song 15: A Song That Describes Me

Thursday, 11 August 2011

this weeks playlist

Altered Images- I Could Be Happy

The Sundays- Here's Where The Story Ends

Sophie B Hawkins- As I Lay Me Down

Bjork- Earth Intruders

Morcheeba- Fragments of Freedom

Ladytron- CMYK

New Young Pony Club- The Get Go

Tori Amos- Professional Widow (Remix)

Lita Ford- Falling In and Out of Love

Dresden Dolls- The Kill

Damone- On Your Speakers

Snake River Conspiracy- Casualty

The Donnas- What Do I Have To Do

Scarling- Baby Dracula

Nightwish- Nemo

Lahannya- No Way Out

Chrome Hoof- Circus 9000

The Sounds- Much Too Long Now

Sarah Rocks- The Industrial Jist

Leftover Lucy- Sleep Talking

Ten Tigers- Super Lucky

The Cardigans- Nasty Sunny Beam

Girl in a Coma- Their Cell

Bif Naked- Abandoment

Cat Power- Hate

Ann Wilson- Isolation

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Dancing Barefoot

Issue Two of my per-zine 'Dancing Barefoot' is ready!
In this issue, I've wrote about being a loner and organising a Ladyfest!
If you want a copy for £1.75, please leave me a comment with your email address, or email me directly

Sunday, 7 August 2011

30 Day Song Challenge Part 4

Song 10: A Song I Fall Asleep to
Air are not boring, but very relaxing and good to chill out to

Song 11: A Song from my favourite band
well I have more than one favourite band, both I've already included videos by, but here they are again:

Song 12: A Song from a band I hate
well my most hated bands aren't normally female (Oasis, Cradle of Filth, stuff like that) but for this one I choose someone that everyone seems to love, but I just don't "get it"

Thursday, 4 August 2011

this week's playlist

Fleetwood Mac- Little Lies

Tom Tom Club- Genius of Love

Propaganda- Frozen Faces

Salt N Pepa- Let's Talk About Sex

Ladyhawke- Dusk Till Dawn

Goldfrapp- Strict Machine

Chicks on Speed- Glamour Girl

Thomas Tantrum- Pshandy

Little Fish- Disco Feet

Garbage- Cherry Lips

Elastica- Smile

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Honeybear

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- Riddles

Hole- Heaven Tonight

Harry- Valley

Paramore- Born For This

Gaggle- I Like Cigarettes

Skunk Anansie- I Can Dream

Lacuna Coil- Humane

PJ Harvey- You Come Through

Sassy!!!- Blink Once

The Sibleys- Blue Eyed Bandit

Ten Tigers- 82

Joan Osborne- One of Us

Metric- Ending Start

Robots in Disguise- DIY

Jyl Millard- Ace of Spades