Monday, 26 July 2010


A change is a coming, and I feel that the time is almost here to make those changes.

Basically I am going to stop doing New Music New Talent, I am aware that many people enjoyed this show and I enjoyed doing too, but I feel like I have achieved what I wanted to do with that particular show now and it's now the time to dedicate all my energy into the show I truly feel passionate about and that is of course Pigtails and Army Boots. It's the first show I started doing and my passion has never waned, if anything my passion for female fronted music has increased ten fold since I started doing the show.

I will still be doing New Music New Talent and Pigtails the way they are for the next 4 weeks, but afterwards Pigtails and Army Boots will have some slight changes, still of course playing the best in female fronted music but I will be adding 3 unsigned/indie label bands a week with one of them being "unsigned artist of the month" and also a weekly event guide which will include gigs by both signed and unsigned artists, as well as feminist and female friendly events.
I also hope to do more interviews not just with musicians but with females in other areas of the music industry and media, anything that may be inspiring to women!

I hope you will enjoy the changes!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Amanda Palmer

another blog, another awesome female artist
who else but Amanda Palmer!
I'd known sort of about her for quite some time, as my best friend was a big fan of the Dresden Dolls and done me copies of their albums over the years but it wasn't until about two years ago that I really started to appreciate her sheer awesomeness.
She had not long released her superb solo album "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" which I had heard a few songs from and liked, another of my best friends convinced me to come to the KOKO in Camden to see her live.
Well that night I fell in love..
it was an amazing show, she had a theatre company called "The Danger Assemble" with her who performed alongside her songs, she even had the fantastic writer Neil Gaiman (who she is now engaged to) play tambourine on the brilliant song "Oasis" and she also did a few Dresden Dolls songs and generally it was a fab night, we went to a good club night afterwards too.
I was so happy and positive about the gig that I actually went out and bought the album the following day and now when I go out djing, it's a permanent fixture :)
I was lucky enough to see her again last year and the gig was totally different, still amazing but a much more stripped down show, just Amanda and a piano for most of it.
But AFP is about more than her live shows, I've never known someone like her to have such a bond with her fans too. She updates her Twitter regularly and talks to fans personally through it as well as on her blog she's even been known to find places to crash at via her Twitter :)
She had some problems with her record label, specifically to do with the video for "Leeds United" apparently they thought in some shots, she looked too fat, so to show their support, fans took photos of their bellies and wrote messages on them and I believe a book was even published!
Miss Palmer has since been dropped by Roadrunner Records and she celebrated by releasing a pay what you like song "Do You Swear to Tell the Truth..." and a couple of days ago she has just released via her website her first independent EP "Amanda Palmer performs the popular hits of Radiohead on her Magical Ukulele" which the minimum you need to pay for it is 84cents which is a percentage going to Radiohead for the use of their songs and some to cover paypal fees. I highly suggest you go download it! <3
Oh,and one last fairly important thing, it was also partly down to her that I decided to learn to play the uke!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Robots in Disguise

well on this blog I've wrote about two of my favourite bands- Joan Jett and The Blackhearts and Kasabian. Another band that has rapidly been becoming one of my favourites is Robots in Disguise
I don't think they are very mainstream well known but they do seem to have a bit of a cult following, mainly because of their connection with the also fabulous Mighty Boosh The two front women are Sue Denim and Dee Plume (who I believe is still the girlfriend of Noel Fielding)with their female drummer Gemma Hill. Their music is a blend of electro, rock and pop and they have an unique sense of style with their latest passion being blue lipstick! (you can even buy Robot Blue lipstick by Barry M and get this necklace)
I've been lucky enough to see them live three times now, including once right here in Southend and everytime has been like one big party. They more often than not, let the fans come up on stage at the end, I'm yet to join in but certainly hope to sometime!
They seem to mainly appeal to young girls, there are certainly some feminist messages in their songs.
They had problems with money when it came to recording their fourth album so used the great site PledgeMusic to get their fans to help them make enough money to record it in return depending on how much you donated you could get a gift in return- I look forward to receiving my signed copy of the new album when it's out!
I guess the best way to show you how great they are is via YouTube videos (and their videos are excellent) so here are some:

My favourite song is GIRL (listen to the lyrics)!

The Sex has Made Me Stupid

Turn It Up

Wake Up

The DJ's Got a Gun

Saturday, 17 July 2010


have you missed me?
The shows will be back on air as from this Thursday, I've just planned an awesome Pigtails and Army Boots featuring the likes of Florence and the Machine, Portishead, Robots in Disguise and Tori Amos so make sure you tune in!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Writing blog

I've decided I do want a writing blog again after all, so all my poems and other writing will be now here-
this blog will be just for music related posts!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Radio Break

Just a brief blog to let you know I will be taking a short radio "holiday" for a couple of weeks, but don't worry the shows will be back bigger and better than before! and I'm sure I'll still find some good music related topics to waffle on about on here! :)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

This weeks playlists- what you can hear this week


Santigold - I'm a Lady
Guano Apes - Pretty In Scarlet
Kate Nash - Pumpkin Soup
Ladyfuzz - Kerfuffle
Lettes to Cleo - Let's Get High
Labelle - Lady Marmalade
PJ Harvey - Sheela Na Gig
femmepop - good
Candy Panic Attack - What's He Got That I Haven't?
The Distillers - Beat Your Heart Out
Lush - Ladykillers
Patti Smith Group - High on Rebellion
Ladyhawke - Back Of The Van
Little Boots - Earthquake
Ladytron - Black Cat
Kenickie - I Would Fix You
Scarlet - Independent Love Song
The Ladybirds - (I'm Gonna) Spin Those Reels
Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Hole - Celebrity Skin
The Cardigans - Higher
Scarling - Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole
Miss The Occupier - Short Sight
Bjork - Earth Intruders
Heart - Alone
Georgie James - Cake Parade
The Honeydrips - (Lack Of) Love Will Tear Us Apart
A Brokeheart Pro - Bleed On
Karen O - Highway 61 Revisited

New Music New Talent

El Dog - A Princess, A Monkey, The Stars and The Sea
Greg Kiss & The Feral Cats - 25 hours/day
Spoonfeedas - Cant Let Go
Sabbata - Princess
Andy J Gallagher - 02_On Your Way Rejoicing
Lallakiss - Slick
Barnicle - I Kissed A Girl
The Kissaway Trail - Smother + Evil = Hurt
Sophe Lux - God Doesn't Take American Express
Hovercraft Pirates - Always Free
Tom Burgess - December Morning Motorway
The Longshots - My Getaway Girl
We Are Wolves - Fight & Kiss
Mother Mother - Body Of Years (Album Version)
The Kut - Doesn't Matter Anyway
Muck and the Mires - Don't Let Her Get Away
Voodoo Johnson - Blow me Away
A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Hugs & Kisses
A Brokeheart Pro - Hard WAY TO FALL*written By Ryan Adams
The Subway Strippers - Jimmy Blacksheep
Fire Bug - Paradise
Fahrenheit 451 - Bass and Bombs
Sykamore - So Far Away
Jessica Allyn - Mother Goddamn [B-Side Single Version]
The Violets - Hush Away
Experimental Aircraft - walk away
The Ropes - Water and Headphones
Bunty - Getting Away