Sunday, 15 May 2011

Things of Interest


If you have somehow missed all the media covering Slutwalks (both positive and negative) they are basically a protest that originated in Canada, when a policeman said 'women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised' when talking to students about personal safety regarding rape etc. Quite rightly so, this has stirred quite a reaction, slutwalks have been happening worldwide with women (and men) protesting that the rapist is always to blame and not how they dress. Some people are using it also as a way of reclaiming the word 'Slut'. I was personally really hoping to get along to the London Slutwalk but the date has now changed to June 11th, the same day as Ladyfest Essex!

Womens Liberation Music Archive
I'm yet to have a good browse through this, but this website provides lots of information and links to music which was made during the 70s and 80s by feminist bands. It sounds fascinating.

Ellen Willis

good article on Alternet (very worth checking out) about a female music writer. A book is being released of her work.

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