Sunday, 22 May 2011

Let's Play a game..

Can you guess the songs these first lines of songs come from? (no googling/other internet search things please)! Winner can get a random mix of great female fronted music on CD from me sent to them..

1. You can tell from the scars on my arms and the cracks on my hips..
2. The waves keep crashing on me for some reason
3. I've got a lot to say to you, I've got a lot to say
4. Calling me high on the telephone, came by plane all alone
5. we are young, heartache to heartache we stand
6. sometimes they'll want to cut you down
7. you pretend you're high
8. hold me, one time, one time only
9. I'm the little girl at the picnic
10. I never know how to treat you
11. creeping up the backstairs
12. midnight getting uptight, where are you?
13. I can see you stalking like a predator
14. colour me your colour baby
15. Your back's against the wall
16. you and me were cut from the same cloth
17. I'm a blond bombshell and I wear it well
18. tingling mind and too big a smile
19. hey, whats your name, hey where you from
20. I made a mistake
21. I see it all before me
22. I put your stuff out on the porch
23. I lost my heart under the bridge
24. you chat to me like we connect
25. come on everybody get on the dancefloor

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