Sunday, 4 April 2010

Le Monnier

I found out about this band thanks to my friend Emma, who has many contacts with the local music scene, she is currently organising the 2nd Southend Fringe Festival (which I've got an event at this year too)! and she occassionaly sends me music I might like as we have a mutual appreciation for female fronted bands.

With Le Monnier she forwarded me an email she had got from them, wanting to play Southend Fringe this year with the various links to listen to their music, I'm always looking for more new music so I had a look at their page and was pretty impressed, so I emailed myself and they were kind enough to send me a few tracks I could play on my show.

On the intial email I recieved they were described as a fornication of James Hetfield and Cristina Scabbia. Even though there is defintley a metal influence in there they are much melodic than that.

"Cynic Sister" is a powerful track and reminds me of Jagged Little Pill era Alanis Morissette with a slightly heavier backing track.

"Black Dot" is again quite epic and powerful, very accessible metal.

"Your Greed" is a faster, heavier track with angsty vocals.

"Kingyo" the track I chose to play on my show is awesome, a great intro and builds up to a song that kicks you up the backside and makes you wonder why this band isn't well known yet.

All in all, I'm very glad that Emma sent me the original email as Le Monnier tick all the right boxes for me- an awesome female vocalist, epic punchy music and heavy without being over the top shouty.

You can check them out on their website
and also on MySpace their new album "Cynic Sister" is only £6.99 on Amazon, so go and buy it!

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