Sunday, 28 April 2013

Obsessive Compulsive: Seculo Seculorum album review

The last in the series for the April artist of the month.
Seculo Seculorum is the second full length album from Manchester based four piece independent band Obsessive Compulsive. This album was fan funded using the PledgeMusic platform, it’s not available to those who have been pledged but will be out on full official release on June 24th.
The title ‘Seculo Seculorum’ immediately grabbed my attention, for me I imagined it representing the album as a large mystical book filled with power and potency, but I have since learned it actually means ‘Forever’ as music does indeed live forever, no matter how long ago someone passes away, their music can be still enjoyed for eternity.
I felt that this album is about strength, independence and self- empowerment. For instance the song ‘Stamp Your Own Path’  with it’s lyrics “You don’t need anyone, you never did, you never will, so come on stamp your own path.”
My personal favourite is the shouty ‘No Logo’ about being against corporations and remaining true to who you are “I won’t sell my soul to the corporations” “We won’t tell you what to buy or how to live your life” sung with such conviction, you know this is something the band feel strongly about.
Musically I can’t put this album into one particular category, “No Logo” has elements of punk, there’s a definite metal influence across the album as well as hard rock and on the final song ‘Swallow the Sound” I feel like lead singer Kelli is channeling Alanis Morissette vocally and to some extent lyrically too.
The album has anger and passion in spades, but overall it personally makes me feel empowered and strong, this is a band that have worked hard and it shows. We need more bands like Obsessive Compulsive. So please support them and other independent bands by buying their music and going to their gigs. You can find all Obsessive Compulsive tour dates by clicking here 
The first single will be ‘Regurgitate’ released on May 13th.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pigtails and Army Boots Weekly Update

news round up
One of my favourite new bands 'Deap Vally' have finally announced the release date for their debut album, which will be called 'Sistrionix' and it's released on the 24th June- a day before my birthday. This band are amazing.

As if Yoko Ono couldn't be any cooler, she's doing another cool project. The 'John Lennon Bus' which will be touring giving young people the chance to get involved with music, video, photography, game and broadcast projects.
It kicks off at The Museum of Liverpool on May 8th,  before touring around schools, colleges and festivals. For info visit
Weekly Event Guide
Tues 23rd April- Sun 28th April
Wed 24th- What the Frock Quiz Night upstairs at The Big Chill, Bristol 7.30 for 8pm start £3 to enter, up to four people on a team.
Fri 26th- Peaches at Indig02, Greenwich
What the Frock! All female comedy night at The Square, Bristol get tickets here
ARTIST OF THE MONTH- Obsessive Compulsive- I interviewed their lead singer Kelli about their fan funded album check it out by clicking here

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Artist of the Month: Obsessive Compulsive

My band of the month for April are Manchester based Obsessive Compulsive. 
They recently had a PledgeMusic campaign for fans to fund their second album, which was a successful campaign and for those fortunate people like me that pledged, can now enjoy the fantastic album 'Seculo Seculorum'.  They are a very hard-working band with a strong DIY ethic, booking their own shows and releasing music on their own label.
There are four members in the band- Keli on vocals, Giz on guitars, Pete on bass and Dani on drums. It's hard to pinpoint an exact genre to put their music into, as they certainly have their own sound, but there are elements of metal, punk and grunge all mixed in.
here's a couple of their songs for you to check out:

Monday, 1 April 2013

Pigtails and Army Boots weekly update

Latest News:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs have released the disturbing video to go with epic new single 'Sacrilege' check it out:

Obsessive Compulsive's new fan pledged album 'Seculo Seculoram' was released to pledgers about half hour ago, I pledged, so am listening as I type and it's sounding AMAZING. Review to come soon!

La Roux revealed a new reggae tinged song at a gig recently

Weekly Event Guide
Monday 1st April- Sun 7th April
Tues 2nd April- La Roux at The Fleece, Bristol
Wed 4th April- 'What's the Most Important Issue Facing Feminists today?' at The Conway Hall, London. 6.30pm £5. Feminist bloggers from The New Statesman including the wonderful Laurie Penny discuss the issues.
Fri 5th April- Paramore at The Garage, London
Sat 6th April- Kate Nash at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
With the new album released today, I'm making OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE my artist of the month for April- expect an album review, videos and more over the course of the month.