Sunday, 19 April 2009

New Music New Talent playlist for 18th April

The Tibetan Tea Company - Pressure
Greenleaf 56- Baby Satan
 The Morning Orchestra - Petal On Your Shoe
 586 - We Got Bored
 Mumpsy - Ain't It Hard (When It's Over)
 Messenger - Amazing
 I M Munroe - Fool
 Sophe Lux - Target Market
  Bunty - thats why Im crossing my legs
 Zen Motel - Dress Code Violence
 Until You're Heard - Searching
   Geno Washington - 99 years
 Weird Old America - Devil In A Dream
 Chavtownband - weknowwhatwedontknow
 Bittybox - Joker

don't forget to tune into MTJR today for a great line up, The JB Experience from 10am,  Sunday Lunch at 12pm, Sunday Club at 3pm and of course myself at 5pm with Pigtails and Army Boots, :)

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