Saturday, 18 April 2009

Gig Review: Bar Lambs April 17th 09

My friend and I got to the venue in time to catch the second band on the bill, a band called The Art of Rebellion (
Even though we had only came to see one band specifically, I was actually quite glad that we caught The Art of Rebellion, as they were very good. They were much different than a lot of unsigned music you hear these days. Some of the music was pure rocking instrumentals, some a mix of rock, with piano, and some ballads to boot. A band I think that could develop into something even better with time.

The headliner of course, was Lady Earl and The Greys, who we had come to see. I have interviewed them a few times, and played them quite often on the show, but they still managed to blow me away! Their lead vocalist Amy, has an amazing voice, and she owned the stage. They all had a great energy that made you want to hear more. I've been told since that this was a "bad" gig for them, but if that's what they're like when they're bad, I can't wait to hear them when they're on their usual level of greatness! They are one of those bands that sound even better live than on cd, so go catch them if you can, it'll be well worth it. Favourite song of the night? Probably "Heathen".

Today I've interviewed local band Red Track, am hoping to broadcast the interview next week, will keep you posted!

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