Monday, 13 April 2009

The Boat That Rocked

What a great film! If you've been living under a rock for the past month or so, the film is based loosely on the pirate ships of the 60's.  It's set on a pirate ship called "Radio Rock" and follows what happened to the pirate radio stations and also a few sub plots like a young boy being sent there after getting in trouble at school, except it's the worst place to be sent to get "cleaned" up as it's filled with rowdy sex, drugs and rock n roll music! It's very funny and also quite sad in places, I loved it, and will definitely be buying it on DVD (and I rarely buy DVDs!)

anyway mainly I just wanted to post about it as it really made me think. Back then, rock and pop music was only on the radio for about 45 minutes a day as it was seen as "bad". Young people would get their fix by listening to the pirates, hiding the radio under the pillow at night.  Nowadays we have thousands of radio stations, not to mention music television, with every possible kind of music you can imagine. We can get any music we like with a click of the fingers, we can download, buy cds, so many options. Don't we take advantage of ths, aren't we forgetting this was fought for in a sense by the pirate radio stations? We should our gratitude for music more, by not illegaly downloading (and I am guilty of this in the past) to support our musicians, and by seeing more bands live, not just the big name bands, but your local unsigned bands. There's a wealth of talent out there, and you could catch the next big thing! 

anyway, rant over! xx

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