Monday, 29 June 2009

The Voronas and Devilish Presley@ Club Riga Thurs 25th June

One of the gigs I was most excited about going to during the fringe, as I have seen Devilish Presley before and really enjoyed them, plus the added bonus of it being on my birthday!

First band up we had seen at The Kursaal Vaudeville - The Voronas. A rockabilly band with a twist of lemon! No poodles on big skirts to be found here, just skulls and flames!

The sound in Riga did the band a lot more justice. A great band with so much energy. The singer Carolina, is completely insane! She had manic eyes which were only further exaggerated with her choice of eye make up. She was constantly moving and dancing. The animal noises were great too! They played the cover of "Everybody wants to be a cat" again, and it was fantastic. I'm not sure why I had never heard this band before, surely could get a good reputation here in Southend for being a fun, party, happy band that most people will enjoy!

Next up was main headliner of the evening Devilish Presley. For those unfamiliar with their music, their music is a perfect compliment to The Voronas, "horrorbilly" maybe the best way to describe it, with a glam edge. It's just the 2 members and a drum machine. Another band full of energy, they played lots of new tracks off the latest album "Flesh Ride" A fun set that had near the end with my favourite song by them "Hammer Horror Glamour". At the end of the set they were telling us about a comedian who they like who does tricks on ladders and things. Anyway, he joked no one was prepared enough to bring a ladder, so someone from Club Riga promptly brings a ladder to a stage and he sings most of the last song standing on it, as well as walking through the audience. Great gig, but not a long enough set in my opinion.
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