Monday, 29 June 2009

Southend Fringe Finale Party 26th June 09 review

Well like they say, all good things must come to an end at some point, and it might as well be in style, which is exactly what Southend Fringe did for their finale party at Bar Lambs, a stylish venue, and a sea theme with fancy dress encouraged! The venue itself had fish and crabs sitting along the wall, as well as a treasure chest lucky dip for 50p a go and shells filled with shrimp sweets adorned the tables. here's a few photos for your pleasure! oh and I mustn't forget the colouring! (see left)!

Anyway, the party wasn't just about random sea creatures and pirates (arr)! but of course, one of the best things about Southend Fringe, music!

The first band to play was local rockers Fashoda Crisis, playing a set of rowdy rock, including a song with an appearence from a member of another local band, the very tastefully titled Kunt and the Gang!

After a break with some sea themed songs being played (Echo Beach anyone)? and much pear cider consumed (well by my table anyway)!
The next artist came to the stage, a solo performer called Ste McCabe. A guy with a guitar and a drum machine (I think- it made lots of beats so maybe an fx pedal)? anyway he sang a lot about gay rights etc, and sounded eerily like Le Tigre!

The final act of the night, and in this case, certainly the best was the reggae tastic The Beatroots! This was the first time I've got to see these local legends, and they were great. A perfect end for Southend Fringe. They did a cover of Billie Jean in honour of Michael Jackson (RIP- possible blog to come soon) and a cover of Supelucky by Ten Tigers, Emma, southend fringe organsier's band! was quite amusing to hear a male sing "yay for me and my ovaries!"
I had sucha good time I didn't really want it to end! Thanks once again go to Emma for organising this, I look forward to what next year will hold!

Final photo is myself (I'm wearing the stripy dress and skull scarf in my hair) and my cider drinking crew! The lovely rxkitten (now also a dj on mtjr! check out her show Plan B straight after my show on a sunday at 7pm)! has the cadet hat on, Rachel is next to her and Lauren the sailor girl at the other end :) Love you all!

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