Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Southend Fringe- Culture as a Dare review Friday 19th June 2009 Cobham Lodge,Westcliff

A very busy time for gigging, thanks to Southend Fringe and getting a bonus at work allowing me to go! This was the night after the anti folk gig.

I had never been to this venue before even though it's only about 10 minutes away. I wish I had took a photo of the outside- it was a hotel and very pretty! Flowers all over the place!

The event was taking place in the basement, a very dark and small area with a separate bar down some stairs. There were cushions and seats around the side, Ruth and I sat ourselves down on the side, and it felt like we were in someone's living room, and that at any moment, someone's mum would walk in with milk and cookies!

Anyway I digress. We were a bit late so only caught 2 songs by the blues/folk tinged Lucy O Driscoll.

Next up was an artist I'm very familiar with, the fantastic Sophie Burrows under the name Goodbye Watson Camus I think her voice is very unusual and great, very raw. It was just her and her guitar, but somehow she makes it sound like more than that. I also love her lyrics.

Best band of the evening award goes to...The Fancy Dress Party! 7 members, male and female, and very young taking up most of the space, they were a revelation and inspiration. Every member played an instrument, in fact the majority of them changed instrument with every song! Very talented and sure to go onto big things! I hope I can get them to do one of our nights in the near future! I tried to take a few photos of the various instruments involved, but wasn't really in the best position to, but here are some of them anyway!

Lastly was the main band we had came to see
Theoretical Girl. Quite surpised I hadn't heard of them before, not until Ruth told me about them, I'd describe them as happy electro pop. Apparently she sometimes plays solo, and other times with her backing band The Equations who were with her this time. I really liked their music and their energy. If you're going to Glastonbury, you can check her out there! :)
All in all, another great gig that surpassed my expections and some great new discoveries!

edit- just realised the links don't work properly! will try to resolve this asap!

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