Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Southend Fringe Female Fronted Band Triple! Saks Underground Sunday 21st June Review

Yes it's another review! Playlists up tomorrow or Friday, and more reviews of gigs this Thursday and Friday to come as well!

First band was Buried in Mexico ( who actually turned out to be my favourite band of the evening. Hailing from Greenwich, they had a raw "proper" rock sound reminiscent of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and maybe mixed with a splodge of Joan Jett! The lead singer had lots of energy as well, which was very infectious!

Next up was Fever Fever ( ) who had a heavier, punkier sound. I liked their music, but was a little put off when they tried to make a joke about running over a deer. Maybe if it wasn't for my vegan/animal rights opinions, I might have liked them more...

Headliner of the night was The Brownies ( very punky and very much showed riot grrrl influence with their shouty vocals and loud guitars. Awesome! We liked them so much we bought their single "Cougar" which there is a link to buy through their MySpace. Well worth checking out!

Sadly there wasn't much of an audience to enjoy this, it had competition from Blur! (performing down the road at the Cliffs Pavillion the same night) and it was Sunday after all.

A very Pigtails and Army Boots rated evening! :)

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