Sunday, 10 May 2009


I've noticed that so far this year, an emergence of a lot of female alternative dance artists, so I am naming this trend NWOFDA (New Wave Of Female Dance Artists)!
No I am not talking about women like Lady Gaga...I'm talking electro/punk/dance/funky in particular the artists that I would say fit into this new wave are: Santigold (formely Santogold after a jewellery firm of the same name threatened legal action- surely you wouldn't mind your company name being linked with such good music)? , Ladyhawke and Little Boots.

Santigold has punk roots, as she was a singer for a punk rock band called Stiffed before going solo and bringing out the punk/rock/electro fusion music she does now. Her song "Say Aha" was used in a car advert, which is where I first heard her.

Ladyhawke, (Phillipa Brown) was also in a punk band when she was younger interesting enough, called Two Lane Blacktop. She then joined another band called Teenager that had a song featured in a video game (Grand Theft Auto IV) before leaving the band to pursue her solo project, her alter ego "Ladyhawke". She then had Peaches remix her single "Paris is Burning" .
I particularly like "From Dusk Till Dawn"

The newest artist in the NWOFDA is Little Boots, (Victoria Hesketh) who was voted BBC Sound of 2009. What makes her unique is her variety of influences that go for Kylie Minogue to Kate Bush. She had been in school orchestras and a prog band, and even did a Pop Idol audition (but didn't get to the cameras or the judges) She was also in the band Dead Disco for a while. A member of Hot Chip produced her first solo song "Stuck on Repeat" and the buzz soon followed.

An interesting chapter in female music, will be interesting to see how it evolves next....

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  1. There is most definatly a movement happeing in this genre. I belive it was Ladyhawke that one of the ex 18Crown6 (Daves old band) guitarist is a session/tour muscian for, problem is he used a demo to audtion that he didn't even play on. Poor Ladyhawke he's a bit of a dweeb!! rx