Saturday, 9 May 2009

New Music New Talent Playlist 9/5/09

The Bereavements -unknown title
Hollywood Suicide - Six Feet Under
The Fancy Toys - Gypsy Eyes
Maleficient - Malice and Dsire
Devilish Presley - Hammer Horror Glamour
CB6- Like a Ship Over Black Seas
Cutaways - Milo of Kroton
 Moth Complex - Tied up 
 Cloudants - Loaded Gun
 Ed Winslet - Just the Same
 Lunic - Him
 Death of the Elephant - P.O.V
Sophie Burrows - On the Beat
 Rounds - Broken
Meditatron - The Third Planet

Today I did an interview with singer/songwriter/rival radio presenter Lizzie B, which all being well you should be able to hear next week. Check her music out at Lizzie B Music

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  1. Hey cool you played The Bereavements, let me know next time and I'll make sure they isten, I'll also have to get a track listing off them, doh! rx