Sunday, 31 May 2009

News this week

Quite a lot has been happening this week.
Unfortanely the first thing was bad. Evolution, the club where we were going to hold MTJR Live and Unleashed closed down two days before the event was meant to happen. All because one of the owners decided to go without telling anyone, and take everything away and close it down. I was obviously annoyed because I had everything ready for Friday, and also it was going to be mine and Mike's wedding reception venue. Not only that, but it was the only place I've liked going out to lately, as I'm very fussy, and the nights there were good. It was only just starting to get succesful under the new management. In any case, it can't be helped and I wish the best of luck to Stacey, the manager to find something new. Hopefully we will find something as well.

The rest is good, I promise!
My friend Ruth has just been accepted as a new dj on MTJR. I can't wait for her to start, I will no longer be the only female dj on the station :)

The Top 500 date has finally been decided. The weekend of 13/14th June will be dedicated to it, so no pigtails or new music that week, but I will be taking part in the top 500! There are some real suprises in there, as well as the classics you might expect.

Finally, I'm doing my third public dj set as part of the Southend Fringe Festivals-
Vaudeville and Silent disco! it's taking place at the Kursaal in Southend on the 11th June from 8pm there will be various entertainment including tap dancing, a band and other acts. Then from 10pm will be a Silent Disco! I've never been to one let alone djed at one, but for those who don't know, people get headphones, and there is more than one dj so you can choose what to listen to. So far there will be myself and my friend Emma (who incidentally is the organiser of southend fringe) djing and I think there might be a third dj. Should be a fun night!

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