Thursday, 10 March 2011

This week's playlist

Martha Reeves and The Vandellas- Dancing In The Street
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- No No No
The Duke Spirit- Everybody's Under Your Spell
Zero 7- In The Waiting Line
Penny Broadhurst- Chemist Goods
Courtney Love- Mono
Cutaways- Milo of Kroton
Robots in Disguise- 50 Minutes
586- We Got Bored
Babes in Toyland- Jungle Train
Suzi Quatro- Devil Gate Drive
Blood Red Shoes- You Bring Me Down
Long Blondes- Only Lovers Left Alive
The Ropes- Water and Headphones
Kittie- Paperdoll
Chasing Ora- Penniless
Garbage- Shut Your Mouth
Damone- On Your Speakers
Jesca Hoop- Summertime
Flyleaf- Breathe Today
Scarling- The Last Day I Was Happy
Working Class Heroes- The End
Yes Miss No Miss- Taking Over
Berlin Brides- Ballad for the Touch Deprived
Metric- Patriarch On A Vespa
Bis- Kandy Pop
Heart- Rock And Roll (Live)

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