Sunday, 27 March 2011

Devilish Presley @ Chinnerys, 13 March 2011

Rating: ****

Arriving a little late, we missed most of the first support act- Hollywood Doll what we did see was their last song, which involved the female singer jumping off stage into the audience and then rolling around on the floor while she sung/screamed. She appeared to be going for a Courtney Love vibe, but it didn't really work for me, although that was only a small part of their set, so the rest of it may have been better.

Second support act was The Optic Nerves who we'd since once before, and this time they had gained an extra member, in the form of a keyboard player. Their music is psychobilly infused rock n roll, so is a bit of an acquired taste, not really the type of music I usually listen to, but they are certainly good at what they do, and seem to have a good following.

Headliners Devilish Presley as usual managed to pull off a great set, with a good mix of new and old tracks, including the undeniably catchy 'Hammer Horror Glamour' You could label them with psychobilly to a certain extent, but in my own opinion it's a much more accessible type, with a somewhat gothic undertone. The only real downfall was the quality of the sound, as at times it was difficult to hear the vocals but otherwise it was a good set, even getting an encore performance in.

Devilish Presley are continuing their tour across the UK, the next date is Saturday 2nd April at The Railway Inn in Winchester. They also have a new album The Dark Triad which is released on May 9th.

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