Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sassy!- Diggin' Deep

I got sent this album by one of the promotion companies that email me from time to time. A lot of it doesn't interest me this much, but this email compared Sassy! to The Donnas, Gossip and The Slits amongst others, so it certainly caught my attention. I had a look at the press link they sent me and I wasn't disappointed with what I heard.

Sassy! are a two member band consisting of Lynda Mandolyn (formerly of Fabulous Disaster amongst others)and Christa DiBiase of San Francisco. They don't sound like a two member band at all though. They sound very much like a full four member band, as their sound is very full and more importantly LOUD!

The album Diggin' Deep is all about straight up rock n roll that should be played at eleven. The guitar riffs are driving melodies that will stick in your head, especially on my personal favourite track 'You Can Have Him'. There is also an element of 60's girl groups for instance on 'So Bad, It's Good' with their harmonious vocals and happy clapping.

The band certainly does remind me of The Donnas, but The Donnas on speed! Everything is louder, faster and reeks of cool.

The band have a myspace and are also on facebook

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