Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ten Tigers @ Bar Lambs, 4 Feb 2011

It's been a while, since I last saw Ten Tigers, they recently took a bit of a break while bass player Amanda was rather busy having a baby! But they have just started to do some gigs again, and work on new material, starting with a rather aptly named Tiger Tour!

This particular part of the Tiger Tour happened to fall on Chinese New Year, the very end of the year of the Tiger! To mark the occasion, Bar Lambs was made into a Chinese/tiger haven, with Chinese lanterns hanging, candles lit, pictures of tigers and Chinese symbols adorning the walls. There were even 'Tiger Activity' crosswords and word searches placed on the tables and free fortune cookies given out.

The first band to grace the stage was 'ArtGruppe' a 4 piece local indie band comprising of two females and two males. They play dreamy indie pop, with a mixture of male and female vocals. Highlight of their set was the upbeat 'Ugly Boy, Ugly Girl'

To help concrete the 'tiger' theme, next band up was 'Tiger MCS who hail from Norwich, but for this occasion were one member short of their usual four, which made some of their songs difficult to pull off, but they managed to pull their set of acoustic indie pop with ease.

Ten Tigers, literally started off with a bang, as singer and multi instrumentalist, Emma, performed a somewhat tribal dance with a tiger mask covering her face as a short introduction before launching into a rousing rendition of one of their best songs 'Superlucky.' The band continued on to play a blinding set of their well known tracks and newer songs. '82' was performed with extra effects, which although sounded good, did overshadow the vocals at times.
We were even treated to a saxophone playing from Emma, and a lovely version of 'Tiger Who Came To Tea' with steel drum and added Tiger hand puppet!

Yet again, Ten Tigers continue to impress with their self acclaimed 'crayon rock', a blur between indie, riot grrrl and punk. A band who don't realise how good they are, they probably made a few more fans this night, as they no doubt will with every consequent performance.

Ten Tigers next gig in on 10h March, at The Cornerhouse in Cambridge.

Rating: 5/5

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  1. Thanks Hayley, what a lovely review, thank you for taking the time. I should point out that the next gig is actually the 10th (I got confused and gave out duff info, my bad!)