Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Soundtrack To My Life

Recently one of my friends on Facebook made a group on there called 'The Soundtrack of My Life' as a space where he could post up music from his life, and others could share their memories too. I do wonder though whether everyone is telling the complete truth about what they listened to as children, as it's all so cool- Johnny Cash, X Ray Spex, Nirvana etc etc and not one embarrassing song on there, my childhood listening wasn't like that! My music taste didn't really get good until I hit 16, so I went ahead and posted my memories of songs that I used to like, and mine are the only embarrassing ones admitted so far!
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to post (or torment)? the songs of my life into a blog post, so you can enjoy/endure too!

Madonna! no real Madonna videos allow embedding, so this is just the song really. I always say I was probably listening to Madonna in the womb, as I grew up with her music from a baby and still like most of her music (not the last few years though- everything since Ray of Light sucked)!

Kylie! I remember having a record player and playing her albums on it, and even dressing one of my barbie dolls to look like her!

Spice Girls! First band I got REALLY into. My favourite was Geri, I was very sad when she left! They were my first ever gig

The Offspring- the first rock band I got into, my first rock gig as well. I will never tire of them and 'Smash' will always hold special memories for me!

Greenday soon followed suit..

Before I had my 'Ozzy/Black Sabbath' phase..

Led Zep

Bikini Kill, the first riot grrrl song I ever heard..

and of course, bringing you bang up to date with these last few (though I could post so much more)

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