Monday, 26 July 2010


A change is a coming, and I feel that the time is almost here to make those changes.

Basically I am going to stop doing New Music New Talent, I am aware that many people enjoyed this show and I enjoyed doing too, but I feel like I have achieved what I wanted to do with that particular show now and it's now the time to dedicate all my energy into the show I truly feel passionate about and that is of course Pigtails and Army Boots. It's the first show I started doing and my passion has never waned, if anything my passion for female fronted music has increased ten fold since I started doing the show.

I will still be doing New Music New Talent and Pigtails the way they are for the next 4 weeks, but afterwards Pigtails and Army Boots will have some slight changes, still of course playing the best in female fronted music but I will be adding 3 unsigned/indie label bands a week with one of them being "unsigned artist of the month" and also a weekly event guide which will include gigs by both signed and unsigned artists, as well as feminist and female friendly events.
I also hope to do more interviews not just with musicians but with females in other areas of the music industry and media, anything that may be inspiring to women!

I hope you will enjoy the changes!

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