Wednesday, 4 August 2010

girlVIRUS UK and International

I've wrote about the rather lovely Catherine Elmsbefore but if you haven't checked out already then please do so- especially if you like artists like Tori Amos and Amanda Palmer, as her music really is beautiful and she's just been recording her full length album in a Leeds studio.

Anyway I digress..

Catherine has just made herself even more lovely by setting up girlVIRUS UK now to be honest I somehow bypassed girlVIRUS but I think I vaguely remember being in touch with it's creator Clementine Cannibal via MySpace a few years back. But since then I have got more and more into feminism, and the whole politics of the riot grrrl scene, I feel more knowledgeable than I did back then when it was mostly about the music. It's about more than the music now, I've been on a feminist march, I'm attempting (although very slowly) to set up Southend Fawcett Society and gotten into debates on facebook and twitter.

So now, I'm happy that Catherine has pointed me in the direction of girlVIRUS as it sums up exactly how I feel, it's about liberating women, not only to be equal but to be creative, to make music, to make zines, TO MAKE A MARK ON THE WORLD.

I hope that I am spreading girlVIRUS vibes through Pigtails and Army Boots, and other ways eventually.
Anyway, go join the group if you're on facebook or check out the details on Clementine's blog(linked above) and download flyers to spread the grrrl love!

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