Monday, 24 May 2010

This blog

For those reading this on Facebook- this has been imported (and most of my music blogs are imported) from my blog which is at which is why it's always says at the bottom- view original post.

Anyway I'm debating what to do about my blogging. Currently this blog is about music and not much else- I normally write anything else just directly as a facebook note. I don't know whether I should carry on doing the same- although not all my friends/readers are on facebook that might want to read about more than music, or to just write everything I want to write- primarily music, activism, poetry/writing and occassionally other things on the DJ Moonlight blog as it gets imported onto facebook anyway (even though it sometimes takes ages- as long as a week at times)!
OR to start separate blogs for activism and writing which wouldn't be imported on facebook and mean I'd have 3 blogs to maintain.

What do you think?

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