Saturday, 29 May 2010

Klaxons @ Chinnerys 26/5/2010


Support came from Baby Monster an unsigned indie/electro band from the USA. They got a good reaction from a very packed, sweat filled chinnerys crowd. I'm not always very easy to please when it comes to support acts I don't already know (although I try and show some support for them no matter what)! but I really enjoyed Baby Monster, the blend of indie and electro always goes down a treat for me and it was nice to have some music that I really wanted to dance to before the main act even came on.

Being a bit tipsy on cider I thought I would try and be brave and join some of my friends in the middle centre of the crowd, however when the Klaxons came on, playing new song "Flashover" the crowd went absolutley insane! So I fought my way back to the side where I could actually have a bit of breathing space!

The set consisted of all the hits from their first album and a few songs that will be on their forthcoming new album, all of it sounded awesome. Flashover is a colossol wall of deranged sound and all the other new songs sounded good too.

I forgot just how many great songs they have done, highlights for me included Gravity's Rainbow and Magick. and the encore of "Alantis to Interzone" was fantastic. Even though sound great on cd, they sounded much better live, these songs were made to be heard live!

The set list:

As Above So Below
Same Space
Gravitys Rainbow
Calm Trees
Golden Skans
Twin Flames
Two Recievers
It's Not Over Yet
Future Memories
Alantis to Interzone

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