Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Robots in Disguise at Kings College, London Fri 9th April 2010

Last Friday Mike and I went to see Robots in Disguise, this was my third time seeing them and Mike's second.

As it was on a Friday I had work during the day so was a bit of rush to get the train, but we managed to get it just after 5pm. We hadn't had any dinner yet so when we got to Liverpool Street the first priority was to grab some food, so we grabbed some falafel and though we'd get something more when we got off the tube. We had to get off at Temple tube station and when we got there we realised it was a town without any chippys or any food type shops really, all we could see was a restaurant on a boat (the area is by the coast) and we didn't really have time for that! Then we thought the venue might have food, at first we weren't too sure where it was, but it turned out to be about a 5 minute walk from the tube station, unfortanely they didn't serve food either, so we had to go without after already drinking a fairly large amount of vodka, and of course getting more in the venue (which is the most reasonably priced venue in London I've ever been to drinks wise- for a smirnoff ice and a southern comfort and lemonade it was only £6- and you can pay by card- good but dangerous)!

Anyway onto the gig itself, we had missed the first support act but only had a short wait until the second one- called Scream Club. It was quite nice, as despite it being a very small venue there was a space with chairs and tables which we managed to sit down in through them, which I'm very glad about, as neither of us were very impressed. They were two girls in very loud black and white stripy outfits that played extremely cheesy electro- actually it was more like Euro Disco- they had cheesy dance moves and raps to every song- and extremely witty lyrics like "What time is it? Party time!" The only positive thing about them really was that they were openly gay. I'm very open minded about support acts, but this one really was disappointing.

Luckily there wasn't too much of a wait before we went to the front to watch Robots in Disguise, and as always they didn't disappoint. They had 2 robots on the stage with them- or "giant lipsticks" as they described them. I can't find the set list anywhere so can't remember what they started with but they played a mix of old tracks- The Sex Has Made Me Stupid,(complete with the music video playing behind them, most of the time it had psychadelic patterns on the screen) Turn it Up, I'm Hit, and I was really happy that they played Girl. They also played some tracks off the upcoming album, which sounded awesome, I'm very glad that they reached their donation target so they can make it- I made a donation myself- can't wait to get my signed copy of the new album! They finished by playing "La Nuit" inviting loads of people up onto the stage with them!

Of course there had to be an encore- they played She's a Colour Scientist, Don't Copy Me and their new single "Wake up" with Scream Club.

Basically I'd say if you have never seen them live or you haven't even heard of them, then you should go and check them out especially if you like some riot grrrl style electro in the vein of Le Tigre!

You can see some photos on my facebook page, but in the meantime here's the video to "Girl" that I found on Youtube from the actual gig- yay!

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  1. Sounds like they were fabulous! I'm still very cross with myself for messing up holiday and gig booking, and really sorry we couldn't come with you guys, but glad you had fun. Annoyingly, tonight I saw a friend at a coffee meetup and realised that she would quite possibly have been able to take our tickets, but I didn't think to ask. Oh well. Next time!