Sunday, 9 August 2009

Pigtails and Army Boots competition!

If you didn't tune into the show tonight, you would have missed not only a great show, but you wouldn't know that there is no Pigtails and Army Boots next Sunday or New Music on Friday, due to me getting married to the lovely Mike Fisher!
Anyway, I've got a little competition for you. Our "First Dance" song is top secret, only the dj knows (and he can't enter)! so you have to guess which song it is, out of some songs I played on the show tonight. If you're the winner you'll get a Pigtails and Army Boots cd made just for you! If you're someone at the wedding, you'll find out on the day obviously, if not it will be the week after on Pigtails and Army Boots!
here are the options, so take your guess!

Joan Jett- Crimson and Clover
Garbage- You Look So Fine
Alisha's Attic- Air We Breathe
Guano Apes- Pretty in Scarlet
Cyndi Lauper- True Colours
Heather Nova- London Rain
Heart- Crazy on You
Goldfrapp- Number 1
Air- All I Need
Scarlet- Independent Love Song


  1. Ooh, difficult! The one I would have picked isn't in the list...

    I'm going to guess Garbage - You Look So Fine.

    Can I guess more than once??


  2. nobody won! despite lots of guesses, it was Cyndi Lauper- True Colours :)

  3. that was actually me Moonlight P, not M Da Silva, but never mind!