Sunday, 10 February 2013

Spirituality and Music

As well as being passionate about music, I'm a very deeply connected a spiritual person too, I follow a pagan path and have interests in most mind, body and spirit type activities such as crystals, meditation etc etc but how do I make the connection between my spirituality and music? One thing that I do, is I have a pre programmed playlist on my mp3 player that I listen to every morning while having my breakfast, full of music that makes me happy or has a positive message. This isn't meditation music or even necessarily calm music, but music I listen to in general like rock, indie and so forth- here are some of the songs I've got on there:

Bonafide- Fill Your Head with Rock
really great rock n roll song but with great positive lyrics
" when you feel like you're sinking like a stone, fill your head with rock, when you feel like you're sinking to the ground, fill your head with your rock, the only medication I ever need is fill your head with rock"
makes me smile every time I hear it!

The Amorettes- Bed Rock
this song not so much for the lyrics but for the great riff and it's so incredibly catchy and happy sounding!

Alanis Morissette- You Learn
a reminder that life isn't always perfect, but you always learn from it- "You bleed, you learn, you breathe, you learn"

patti Smith- Spell
a basic stripped down song reminding that everything is holy-" The world is holy...The soul is holy..The skin is holy..
The nose is holy..The tongue and cock and hand 
and asshole holy
Everything is holy...everybody's holy..everywhere is 
holy..everyday is in eternity..Everyman's an 

I've got more on there but that's just some examples. Music creates feelings, maybe memories. It doesn't matter if it's marketed as spiritual music or not, music is a spiritual experience in itself- the feeling I have being at a gig makes me feel connected just as much as sitting quietly in a park does. I try to connect my passion for music and my faith a lot. What music has this effect on you and what connections do you have with your spirituality/religion and the music you listen to?

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