Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bleech Album Launch Show at The Borderline, 22nd June 2012

 (Top photo: Jen of Bleech, Bottom photo: Drag Your Heels)

After recently writing reviews of their recent single 'Adrenaline Junkie' and also their debut album 'Nude' recently, I managed to get myself into their album launch party at London's Borderline venue on Friday. I've seen them once before a few years back at the Pink Festival when the band were known as Slummin Angels and even then I thought they were great, and they've developed so much more since then.

I hadn't been to The Borderline and was quite surprised how small it was, but it is a lovely venue with two bars, places to sit, (where you could watch the bands on a TV screen if you wanted to) as well as a nicely lit stage and dance floor.

The first support act were Drag Your Heels. The band are a female fronted three piece based in London who say they are inspired by blues, girl groups and punk. Their singer Lucy, reminded me a lot of Stevie Nicks, although their music doesn't remind me of Fleetwood Mac! They had a fantastic full sound, rock n roll infused with blues and catchy chorus's- I dare you to have a listen to the song 'How It's Meant to Be' and not tap your feet! In fact, I dare you to not be moved in some way by any of their songs.

The second support act I didn't watch properly so straight on to Bleech!
They came onto the sound of her majesty herself introducing them over the speakers as they happened to release the album on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. * To a packed out venue, they blistered their way through the majority of 'Nude' including 'Break My Nose',  the slower track 'Flowerhands' and an extended version of 'Dancing Without You' before ending it with my personal favourite (and most other people's it seemed by the crowd's reaction) the ever so catchy 'Monday's.'

They talked a little between the songs, joking that the audience was just their mates and talking about releasing the album their selves and encouraging us to enjoy ourselves.  There was no need- with music as fresh and exciting as theirs is, it was inevitable. If you get the chance- buy the album and see them live it'll be well worth it!

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