Sunday, 6 May 2012


This coming Wednesday I'm going to see Garbage live for the first time- it's in support of their new album 'Not My Kind of People' that will be their first new studio album since 2003's 'Bleed Like Me'- that in itself is enough to be excited about, but I'm extra excited as I've liked Garbage for years and years. When I wasn't quite out of my pop music phase as a teenager, I think Garbage's 'Version 2.0' may have been one of the first rock/alternative albums I owned. I remember distinctly that I got it for one of my birthdays, and I had a birthday party- all my friends came round and we sat in the garden with music blaring out- we were playing something like one of the 'Now that's what I call music' compilations, when I got up, took the CD out and put in 'Version 2.0'- I remember at the time, my friends looking at me with horror! This was quite a contrast to my usual tastes back then, when Spice Girls and Hanson were my favourites.

It wasn't until a good few years later, when I started getting properly into rock music, that I went and got their debut album and this song became one of my favourites..

I don't know what it was exactly about Garbage that made me listen to them amongst the pop, but maybe it was something to do with one Miss Shirley Manson..
I had something about red-heads, perhaps as a red head myself, as my favourite Spice Girl was Geri as well and I didn't like them the same once she left..
Not only that. but Shirley always looked (and still does) so cool, such style and looks the kind of girl you wouldn't mess with!
Now years later, and obviously female fronted rock music is my main music of choice, so Garbage still remain..and Shirley Manson has only gone up in my estimation. She didn't get known until she was in her thirties, and she refuses to be moulded into something she's not, while Garbage were barely on speaking terms, she was contracted to do a solo album- this got cancelled after the record label didn't like what Shirley had recorded, they wanted her to be 'The Annie Lennox of your generation' and Shirley wasn't having any of that.
She's also done lots of charity work including an anti fur campaign for PETA and also has defended Madonna and the criticism in general the media gives to women in music.
So that's why I'm so bloody excited that I'll finally get to see her on's some more videos of my favourite songs and their latest..

latest release..

and I love Shirley's dress and look in this video..

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