Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Black Belles

Last weekend I went down to my local pub The Railway Hotel to check out a hotly tipped band called The Black Belles. When I first got the invite on Facebook, I hadn't heard of the Black Belles, so of course I looked them up, and got excited when I found out that they were an all female band, who also dress in a kinda witchy way, I looked up a few videos and liked what I heard.  I also discovered there was a big buzz around them, mainly because of them being discovered by the one and only Jack White and being signed to his record label.

On the night itself, you could tell this gig was a BIG DEAL. I had never seen the pub as full as it was on this particular night. You could barely breathe as it was so full- yes it was a free gig, but they have free gigs very regularly. We even saw other people we knew, and most of the people we spoke with hadn't even heard their music, they had just heard there was a buzz, so wanted to see what the fuss was about.

The Black Belles certainly have presence, most of them were quite tall, so the microphone stand had to be put on a box just so it was high enough- and they have this cool gothy look with matching hats and dark hair. I was completely enthralled by the drummer- she had a beautiful dress with skulls all over it and she played the drums with such passion.

I was really impressed with their sound and look forward to hearing more- here are some videos to give you a taster:

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