Sunday, 25 September 2011

Saint Jude @ The Hard Rock Cafe 21st Sept 11

As my husband is a subscriber of Classic Rock magazine, we were lucky enough to win tickets for their first subscriber's only gig in the Hard Rock Cafe basement in London.

As the doors opened very early (6pm) it was a bit of a rush to get the train after I finished work, and as we were on the train there was a fault with the train so it actually stopped at Stratford instead of Liverpool Street, so we were delayed slightly further as we had to wait for another train to take us the last few stops. The tubes were predictably awful at that time of day but we managed to get to the venue before 7pm.

The email we had to take with us and had mentioned there would be free drinks but as it turned out it was merely a voucher to have one complimentary beer(only half a pint) or glass of wine, and I'm not really a drinker of either of those so it was bit rubbish!

Anyway, the venue itself was interesting, the entrance was just around the side of the cafe itself and the room was tiny and filled with some pretty cool music memorabilia like Iggy Pop's and Madonna's jackets and a few guitars including Steve Vai's. We didn't know how many people were able to win tickets but there was quite a few people already there when we arrived- I felt slightly out of place as it was mostly older men!

It wasn't a very aggressive crowd so we managed to find ourselves a nice place right in front of the stage (and there was no barrier so it was very close) There was no support act, so Saint Jude came on around 8pm ish. There were stools on the stage so there were all sitting through the performance and it was semi acoustic. They kicked off with one of my favourite tracks off the album 'Garden of Eden' and proceeded to play for around an hour. They played the majority of their debut album 'Diary of a Soul Fiend' as well as a couple of new songs.

What impresses me the most, and it was much more apparent when seeing them live rather than listening to the CD is just how impressive and powerful singer Lynne's voice. She could scream and hold notes for ages and didn't even lose her breath- it was absolutely stunning. The band itself has quite an unique sound compared to other female fronted rock bands at the moment, Saint Jude play a mix of blues and straight up rock n roll which would appeal to wide audience so I'm sure they will become a force to be reckoned with!

If you want to catch them, they are doing a tour in December.

This video someone posted of the gig can give you an idea of what they're like:

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