Sunday, 28 August 2011

Interview: Lindsay Ullmann

I interviewed upcoming artist Lindsay Ullmann, check out her music on her website

How would you describe your music?

I would say it’s full of passion and mainly quite rock felt, some of it is quite feisty, whereas other parts our slightly more vulnerable.

How long have you had an interest in music and when did you start taking it more seriously?

I’ve always been interested in music, ever since I can remember! I even use to sing myself to sleep at night! I started taking it more seriously in 2006 when I started doing a lot of karaoke and open mic nights, people kept telling me that I had a really good voice. I was always a writer so I started to focus more on my singing and writing then.

When did you start writing songs/playing instruments?

I started writing poetry at a very young age and it just developed from there really as I was able to turn my poetry into songs as well. I only just started writing songs on guitar this year after teaching myself the chords. Before I was writing them on keyboard but I’ve always preferred guitar. I’m no good at playing guitar live however, as I’m simply not strong enough in that sense - I merely use the guitar to write songs.

On your website, it suggests there is a spiritual edge to your lyrics, are you religious at all, or spiritually aware? Or is there another reason for this?

No I’m not religious. I feel religion and spirituality are two very different things. I’m spiritual in the sense that I feel in touch with the universe and have a very strong ability to feel, including other peoples’ emotions, which is why I write so much. I also do a lot of spiritual work and channel information so when I write songs this tends to happen in the same way. For example, sometimes I will write a set of lyrics, look back over them the next day and think “Where did that come from?” – It’s almost as if I am tuned into a higher force, and I think a lot of artists work that way, sometimes without even realising.

What inspires you to write?

Everything! I receive a lot of messages on a day to day basis from the outside world and also my inner world. If you are a “feeling person” and a “sensitive” then it’s very easy to express how you feel and also how you feel about the world. All that information received has to be let out in someway, and song writing is the perfect way to do it. I actually see it as a healing process much of the time. A lot of the songs I write are indeed about my feelings, but some of the songs I write are also about other people – sometimes there is no need to step in somebody else ‘s shoes because you are already in them! So again, I’m inspired by what other people go through.

What musicians inspire your music? Any particular idols?

I was hugely inspired by Nirvana as a teenager. I also love Cat Stevens, Billy Joel and a lot of folk music. I’ve also got all the Fall Out Boy albums – they are my favourite! I think Patrick Stump is a very, very talented man.

Tell us about the single 'Bloodsucker', what's it about, when is it released and where can people buy it from?

It’s actually a long story. I was having a bad time after a break up and came to the conclusion that all the bad guys – the ones that drain you emotionally - “Bloodsuckers”as I call them seem to be the only ones that can put real passion into a relationship, but they always seems to lack the emotional commitment, so although you get the passion you also end up feeling rather drained! So I’d been dating a guy you see that was perfectly lovely, but was just “too nice” and I was getting rather bored – so I decided to write the song “Bloodsucker” out of sheer frustration!

Bloodsucker will be available to download from all major download sites on 19th September this year.

Any plans to release an album?

I would absolutely love to release an album! I have lots of material waiting to be recorded!

Where do you hope to be in five years time?

I would certainly like to think that I’d released a few albums!

My radio show focuses on female fronted bands and has a feminist stance, do you consider yourself to be a feminist? Why or why not? Any relevant experiences?
Thanks very much!!

Yes, I am indeed –I’ve always believed in equal rights and have been bought up in a household which is very “equal rights” so absolutely.

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