Sunday, 10 April 2011

Heavy Rotation-what I've been listening to

24 Songs that I currently think are awesome:

01 Off Our Backs- MEN
I know I've been going on and on about this band, but honestly they are amazing!Not only do they have the awesome JD Samson (of Le Tigre fame) on vocals, but their songs are amazingly catchy and feminist. I defy you not to get this song stuck in your head!

02 Crazy For The Feeling- The Fervour
A band I discovered thanks to Wears The Trousers, this band has a really unique sound that I love.

03 You Can Have Him- Sassy!!!
a really fun rolicking pure rock n roll all female band that mixes heavy rock with 60's style all girl band vocals.

04 Drowning- Catherine Elms
unsigned but wonderful, I especially love the dramatic edge of this song, very powerful

05 Cups- Lulu and the Lampshades
cute and quirky, sweet fairytale like folk music, not my usual taste but I love this.

06 Carol Bui-Mira, You're Free With Me
Another discovery thanks to thegirlsare, Carol Bui mixes eastern dance with indie rock to an exciting, unique sound. This is a definite stand out track on her album 'Red Ship'

07 Isa and The Filthy Tongues- Big Star
dirty rock n roll indie at it's finest

08 The Naked and Famous- Punching in a Dream
indie that makes me want to dance..

09 The Tiny Masters of Today- Hologram World

10 Le Monnier- Save Yourself

11 Skunk Anansie- Weak
a classic old track but I still love it.

12 Klaxons- Gravity's Rainbow

13 Kasabian- Fire
the schizophrenicness off this song never gets old!

14 The Kabeedies-Lovers Ought To

15 Rilo Kiley- The Moneymaker

16 Call the Doctor- For Your Leisure

17 Suzanne Vega- Blood Makes Noise

18 The Joy Formidable- Greyhounds in the Slips

19 Plasticines- I could rob you

20 Lissy Trullie- Ready for the floor
awesome hot chip cover

21 Die Mannequin- Hand in Hand

22 Scanners- Low Life

23 Slant 6- Soda Rip Off

24- My Gold Mask- All Up in the Air

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