Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Birthday Massacre 8/10/10 Chinnerys Southend

I was both surprised and pleased some months ago when I saw The Birthday Massacre listed as playing at one of my main local music venues. I was even more pleased when I found out of my favourite local bands Trash Monroe were to be one of the support acts. I was so pleased I bought two of my best friends tickets too!

The day soon arrived and as normally when I go to gigs at Chinnerys it never opens on time, we didn't rush to get there at the opening time of 8pm, but unfortunelly for us they actually must have opened on time as we missed Trash Monroe- blast it!

We were just in time for second support act Raggedy Angry who were a group of goth guys who most of them had black eye make up around just one eye which made my friend Ruth think of puppies- and so the whole time we were watching them I was imagining them as puppies! Anyway they weren't very original at all, nothing new, going for the goth metal thing with some electronic noises in between. They also did a cover of Daft Punk's "Robot Rock" but I'm not really sure if I liked that either!

The Birthday Massacre on the other hand were totally awesome. I was surprised that it wasn't actually that busy but they managed to create quite a buzz in the crowd that had turned out to see them. They played a mix of tracks off the new album Pins and Needles as well as some old tracks. I couldn't believe how tiny, their singer Chibi was! For this reason and the fact that Chinnerys has a lot of poles in front of the stage it wasn't easy to take photos. The highlight for me was probably "Happy Birthday" although I really liked the new songs too. I thought Chibi was great, giving the people right at the front high fives and just generally being cool!
the setlist was:

In the Dark
Lovers End
Video Kid
Falling Down
Red Stars
To Die For
Shallow Grave
Pins And Needles
Looking Glass
Horror Show
Happy Birthday

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  1. woof ;-) BM were awesome, we'll see trash again soon x