Monday, 28 June 2010

New Discovery: Firebug

As much as I love music, lately I haven't felt too excited about what I've been playing on New Music New Talent. I'm still playing unsigned bands I really love like Trash Monroe, Zen Motel, Rounds, Death of the Elephant and Catherine Elms but I've known about all of these artists for quite some time now, I've felt the music I've played from some of the other bands I receive is good, but not original. It seems to be a lot of generic indie bands.

Anyway, it's not too often I get blown away by a band (some examples in the previous paragraph)! I get sent music from promotion companies every week. I don't download everything they send, as some is not my kind of music, and some I just think is rubbish, if it sounds reasonable, I'm likely to download one of the songs but not all of them (there's usually maybe about 5).

However last week while I was prepping for my show and checking out what I had been sent, I was blown away by something straight away. This band is Firebug, female fronted rock/blues fusion, that actually made me want to (and did)! download all about 14 tracks I could get.

I liked them so much I've made them my artist of the month for July.
They're from America but I actually found out they are playing one of the smaller stages at Sonisphere, so if you're going, I suggest you go see them!


  1. They sound great! I'll be sure to check them out tomorrow evening, and tell people I know are going to Sonisphere to look out for them :)

  2. I think they also have other UK dates on their myspace listed too...