Saturday, 18 July 2009

Kasabian 17th July 09 Brixton Academy, London

Finally another chance to see my favourite band live! The last time was back in 2006, at a much bigger venue- Earl's Court!
So was great to be able to see them in a much smaller venue.
We didn't really catch much of the first support band "Dark Horses" set, but it didn't sound very good what we could hear.
The second support band was The Hours, they had a drumkit with a skull and crossbones on it, but there was about the height of excitement for me with them. They are pretty generic indie music really, ok as background music but not much else. Certainly not a good warm up for Kasabian in my own opinion. It seemed like they were on for bloody ages! Last time we saw them they had The Fratellis supporting them, and they got us in a complete party mood.

Kasabian didn't come on until almost 9.30pm, but once they did the very mixed crowd went wild to "Underdog" which is one of my personal favourites off the new album.

With most gigs I've been to, you can always tell the type of crowd that will be there, but with Kasabian you really couldn't tell. There was certainly a bit of a football crowd like atmosphere, but I didn't mind at all, and if I could, I would have got closer than we actually were.

Anyway, after Underdog, it was almost like a "greatest hits" which is pretty impressive considering they only have 3 albums. They played "Shoot the Runner", "Cutt off" "Proccessed Beats" and "Empire" before playing new single "Where did all the love go" which judging by the crowd's reaction is already fast becoming another anthemic single for them.

They played a few more off the new album "Swarfega", "Thick as Thieves" "Take Aim", then first single off the album "Fire" which the crowd went crazy for, which was probably the best part of the night for me, I love all their songs but I REALLY love Fire!

They then played "Fast Fuse" and "Doberman" before playing classic track "Clubfoot" off their debut album.

They left the stage as everybody cheered for an encore, and for the first time that I've ever seen, people actually started singing the chorus bit of one of their songs to encourage them to come back! It was pretty cool!

They kicked off the encore with the fantastic download only single "Vlad The Impaler" (which if you don't know already has an awesome video with Noel Fielding in) which went down a storm, followed by "Stuntman" and finally their cover of "You got the Love" that then goes into absolute corker "LSF" which is their trademark end song, they got different parts of the audience to sing the chorus which was pretty fun.

What was even better, although slighty terrifying because of the large amount of people, was when everyone was leaving and STILL carrying on singing all the way to the tube station

la la la la la la la la...... (imagine to the tune of LSF)!

even better than they were in 06, they just get better and better. I wish I was going to Wembley in November!!

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