Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Golden Lion and The Lions Den, and also Rxkitten with Plan B!

Firstly, since I haven't had the chance to mention it yet, my friend Ruth AKA RxKitten has now officially started on MTJR! Her show is Plan B and is filled with art rock, indie and other such delights. It's on straight after Pigtails and Army Boots on sunday, at 7pm (but you knew that already right)? So make sure that you stay tuned in for her show! it rocks! :)

I also haven't mentioned the a previous manager of Evolution (where we were originally going to have MTJR Live and Unleashed, then it unexpectedly closed down 3 days before) has now re-opened The Golden Lion pub, down Victoria Ave in Southend, right near the football ground. He owns it himself so at least we will always know where we stand now! Anyway, The first MTJR Live and Unleashed night is taking place there on the 31st July and will be every last friday of the month afterwards. I've also been asked to book bands for every Friday!

On Saturday, they had the launch of The Lions den, which is their function room and will be used for clubs, gigs, private parties etc etc. They asked MTJR to provide the entertainment and they would be doing a BBQ to raise money for The Starlight Foundation. Myself, Mike Fisher, Chris Munday (and his family) and Rxkitten all took part on the day.

Myself, Mike and Chris were there from the start at 2pm. It was a lovely warm day and there were lots of people there the whole time. Mike and Chris both did great sets for the 2-6pm shift. I popped home for a bit with Mike to have some dinner (no vegan food :( ) then I returned and took over from Chris. he had to leave after a bit, so was on my own for a little while, then some of my friends turned up, followed by RxKitten- hooray!

I let RxKitten take a turn on the decks- then it was me again, and I was influxed with classic rock requests! I could do some, but had only brought a small selection of cds with me as I was anticpating doing less sets lol. The the last 2 hours RxKitten and I split between us.

It was an excellent day and night, the bbq raised £124!! We met lots of new people (including a fellow dj who was interested in having us at his night sometime)! and had far too much cider, I was a bit ill when I got in..oops. But anyway, great day!

I played absolutely loads of stuff- my first set was "Pigtails and Army Boots" themed, and the 2nd one was mainly requests lol. The pigtails stuff included-
Le Tigre- I'm So Excited (it's my signature dj set tune now)
Bikini Kill- Rebel Girl
Amanda Palmer- Leeds United
La Roux- In For The Kill
L7- Wargasm
Garbage- temptations waits
Goldfrapp- ooh la la
Santogold- Say Aha
Noisettes- Don't Upset The Rhythm
and soo much more!
Thank you once again to everyone that came. Remember to become a fan of The Golden Lion on facebook and add them on myspace
and get down there, it's going to be a fab new venue here. They are going to be having karaoke on Wednesdays, free jukebox (it's a great jukebox too- it's the most alternative one I've ever seen) and pool on Thursdays, and of course bands and club nights.

Myself and Mike Fisher will be there this Friday, bringing you 80's! see you there!!

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