Sunday, 14 April 2013

Artist of the Month: Obsessive Compulsive

My band of the month for April are Manchester based Obsessive Compulsive. 
They recently had a PledgeMusic campaign for fans to fund their second album, which was a successful campaign and for those fortunate people like me that pledged, can now enjoy the fantastic album 'Seculo Seculorum'.  They are a very hard-working band with a strong DIY ethic, booking their own shows and releasing music on their own label.
There are four members in the band- Keli on vocals, Giz on guitars, Pete on bass and Dani on drums. It's hard to pinpoint an exact genre to put their music into, as they certainly have their own sound, but there are elements of metal, punk and grunge all mixed in.
here's a couple of their songs for you to check out:

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