Sunday, 2 September 2012

No more syndicated show

Just a brief update on the show. As you are probably aware the show used to have two versions- the 2 hour show that was syndicated across several stations, and the live 1 hour on ARFM. well since I have now moved to a better time slot on ARFM as well as expanding to 2 hours- (Thursdays 9pm UK Time) I have decided to no longer do the syndicated version and focus my energy on the ARFM show. Partly because I just don't have the time for 2 two hour shows and also I want to make the ARFM show the best it can be, the show is always more enjoyable live. I am grateful to all the stations that took the show over the years, but now is the time for a change. I will still be uploading the show to both my own mixcloud and the ARFM Mixcloud- both links can be found on the side of this blog.
In the mean time, here is last Thursday's show- enjoy!

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