Sunday, 1 July 2012

Album review: Dana Jade

Dana Jade is a former member of alternative female choir Gaggle, who has decided to break away from the pack and become a lone wolf with the release of her own self titled rocking debut album which was released at the end of May and has already been gaining many positive reviews.

I'm only going to add to the positive reviews- as I'm also really enjoying the album. If you're looking for a solo version of Gaggle, this isn't it. (let's face it, would that really be possible)?! Dana's style is much more rock based with soaring guitar, and vocals virtually dripping with attitude.

This is proper grrrl rock n' roll which isn't shy- this is full on- an album that should be played at full blast. From the catchy singles 'Little Sister' and 'Eyes of Cinder'  to my personal favourite song, the musical equivalent of an arguement (in a good way)! 'She or I Go'

You can buy the album from Dana's Bandcamp found right here

These are the videos to the singles in case you need any more convincing:

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