Sunday, 23 October 2011

Part 10: 30 Day Song Challenge

Song 28: A Song That Makes Me Feel Gulity
I picked a guilty pleasure for this

Song 29: A Song From My Childhood

Song 30: My Favourite Song Last year
ok this was released in 2009 but was one of my most listened to songs last year

that's the whole list done!
Just for a recap here is what I picked:
Favourite Song: The Runaways- Cherry Bomb
Least Favourite Song: Black Eyed Peas-My Humps
A Song That Makes Me Happy: MEN: Who Am I To Feel So Free
A Song That Makes Me Sad: Madonna-Power of Goodbye
A Song That reminds of friends: Amanda Palmer- Astronaut
A Song That Reminds me of somewhere: Nancy Sinatra- These Boots
A Song That Reminds me of an event: Robots in Disguise- Arguments
A Song I Know all the words to: Joan Jett- I Love Rock N Roll
A Song I can dance to: Goldfrapp- ooh la la
A Song I fall asleep to: Air- All I Need
A Song from my favourite band- Joan Jett and the blackhearts- AC/DC
A Song from a band I hate: Lady Gaga- Just Dance
Guilty Pleasure: Tiffany- I Think We're Alone Now
A Song No One would expect me to like: Dido-Here With Me
A Song that describes me: Tom Tom Club- Wordy Rappinghood
Song you used to love but now hate: Spice Girls- Wannabe
A Song you always hear on the radio: Adele- Rolling in the Deep
a song you wish you heard on the radio: Bikini Kill- Rebel Girl
a song from my favourite album: Robots in Disguise- GIRL
a song I listen to when I'm angry: PJ Harvey-Snake
a song I listen to when I'm happy: Le Tigre- Deceptacon
a song I listen to when I'm sad: Amanda Palmer- Strength through music
a song to play at my wedding: Cyndi Lauper- True Colours
a song to play at my funeral: Patti Smith- People Have the Power
a song that makes me laugh: Fight Like Apes- Hoo Ha Harry
a song I can play on an instrument: These Boots again! but to change it to something already not on the list I can also play The Ting Tings- That's Not My Name
a song I wish I could play: PJ Harvey-Dress
and the rest is above!

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