Thursday, 11 November 2010


Apologies if this blog has been a bit boring lately with just my playlists, I am currently taking part in national novel writing month so I have been dedicating my time to that this month. I did go to a very awesome gig recently that I'm dying to tell you about, but I have reviewed it for the amazing The F Word so I'm hoping they will use it, so will let you know if they do!

In the mean time, to whet your appetite for a non playlist related blog, I've nicked this music meme from my friend Rachel :)

This is the premise: They’re about to make a film of your life and want you to provide the soundtrack. Using the random play function on your music player, find 20 songs to fit the following categories:

Opening Credits, Birth, Waking Up, First Day At School, Falling In Love, Losing Virginity, Fight Song, Prom, Last Day of School, First Day at Work, Beginning of Adult Life, Mental Breakdown, Obligatory Flashback, Getting Back Together, Wedding, Birth of Child, Final Battle, Death Scene, Funeral Song, End Credits.

I won't use the same artist twice and I'm also changing it slightly to using my last fm player, as that is what I mainly use to listen to music!

Opening Credits: Barracuda- Heart (pretty epic start)!

Birth: Sex Bomb by Spinnerette

Waking Up: Through the Dark by KT Tunstall

First Day At School: Neon Angels on the Way to Ruin- The Runaways

Falling In Love: Come Out Swinging- The Offspring

Losing Virginity: What's Up- 4 Non Blondes

Fight Song: Girl Anachronism- Dresden Dolls (my weapon is clearly a piano!)

Prom: Sunset Strip- Courtney Love (I didn't have a prom but if I did this would be an awesome song to dance to!)

Last Day of School: City Noise by Scarling

First Day at Work: Personal Jesus- Depeche Mode

Beginning of Adult Life: Inner Smile- Texas

Mental Breakdown: Cold as Ice- Foreigner

Obligatory Flashback: Stop Talking- Helen's Evil Twin

Getting Back Together: Impressed- Natalie Imbruglia
(no video for this one :( )

Wedding Ceremony: Big Wheel- Tori Amos (would be a bit worried if we had chose this song what with the MILF lyrics bit)!

Birth of Child: Can the Can- Suzi Quatro (I'll give birth to a new Joan Jett)!

Final Battle: A Love Song by Amanda Blank

Death Scene: That's Not me- The Beach Boys (oo er)

Funeral Song: Little Sister- Queens of the Stone Age (very odd choice)!

End Credits: We Belong- Pat Benetar

It'd be worth buying the soundtrack for this film I think!

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