Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Runaways Film

If you don't already know I'm a huge Joan Jett fan, you've probably not been reading this blog much, so of course it's envitable I'm also a fan of the band she co-founded The Runaways
Being such a fangirl, it must have been at least a year ago that I heard that there was a film being made about one of the first all girl rock bands. I couldn't wait for it to come out in the UK, especially when I heard that Joan Jett was really impressed with it and how pleased she was with Kirsten Stewart's portrayal of her younger self. That was pretty much a stamp of approval in itself, as not being a fan of the Twilight films (sorry but I don't think vampires should be glittery- as well as other issues I have with those films I won't go into here) I wasn't really sure about that particular actress playing my all time idol.

It seemed to be bloody ages before it finally got released in the UK, it was originally meant to be out in August, and that turned into September, and for some silly reason it isn't showing in my hometown of Southend's cinema (it's in it's second week of release now) so we had to go to the nearest cinema showing it which was in Basildon. There was no way I was going to miss this film! When we intitally planned to go we couldn't go, but luckily we managed to be able to see it a few days later.

Well, not that it's really that much of a surprise at all, but I absolutely loved it. Sometimes when you think you're going to really like something, it sometimes sets you up for disappointment but I was NOT disappointed.

The film got my interest straight away, in the first scene you see Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie, get her first period! How often do you see something as taboo as periods shown so explictly in a film???

Anyway, the film goes on to show the story of how The Runaways got together, and the success they had with manager Kim Fowley, before the rock n roll lifestyle eventually ended them. The film deals with drug addiction, problem families, and sexual experimentation as well as what it was like at the time to be a girl and want to play rock n roll music. One of my favourite scene's was Joan Jett going to a guitar lesson and being told she couldn't play electric guitar, but she plugs the guitar into the amp anyway!

All the characters in the film are portrayed very well, and I was very impressed with Kirsten Stewarts Joan Jett. If you compare the film star's version of the japan live performance of "Cherry Bomb" it is almost spot on to the original, I will post both versions at the end of this blog for your comparison.

My only real criticism was at the end credits, when explaining what happened to each member, they didn't say what happened to all of them, only a few, and I feel there should have been a dedication to Sandy West, who sadly passed in 2006 due to lung cancer (RIP). But other than that, I found the film inspiring, and exciting, hoping that the film will lead more people to hear their music, and then look into Joan Jett's music, and beyond. If it's possible, I like Joan Jett even more, her and the other members of the band really were amazing, wish I had actually been able to see them when they were around! But at least Miss Jett is still very much into her rock n roll, and never stops touring (although not in the UK enough- so if anyone to do with her is reading this- COME TO THE UK MORE!!!) and also Lita Ford has forged a pretty impressive career too.

The original Cherry Bomb performance

the film version

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  1. Looking forward to seeing it when I get a chance xx