Monday, 14 September 2009

Amanda Palmer @ Union Chapel, Inslington, London - Saturday 12th Sept

Funny, it was this time of year last time when I saw Amanda Palmer live for the first time (last year) at the KOKO in Camden.
Last year I went mainly on a friend's recommendation, only really knowing a few Dresden Dolls songs at the time.
The day after that gig, I went and bought her solo album and have loved her music and been reading her blog/twitter etc ever since! So anyway, I thought that even though I really enjoyed it last time, I thought this time would be even better as I would know a lot more of her music. It turned out to be a completely different experience.

I must talk about the queue first though, as that was a good part of the day in itself. My friends and I wanted to make sure we got good seats as the venue is tiny (it's in a real working church) so we got in the queue quite early. While we were there, there was a man right next to us painted black with the words "collecting sins" on his chest. He had a little box and bits of paper people could write their sins on. Don't know what happened to the sins after though...

There was also puppets, and ukes everywhere! I really think I am going to take the plunge and buy one. I can't play an instrument, but would love to learn.

Then a man with a piano on a bike appeared! He was riding along and playing, a little while later a woman came to join him and sang along. THEN! first I glimpsed Neil Gaiman so was manically trying to take a photo, promptly followed by Amanda Palmer, who took over from the piano guy! Typical it was just as we could finally get in, so we hardly saw any of her impromptu performance.

The support band was Polly Scattergood. She had a very good voice but some of her songs were a bit poppy, and I wasn't sure about some of her lyrics- "I've got a dog, I've got a gun, I'm living in London now.." what was that all about?!

Amanda Palmer came on about half hour or so later after much cheering from the audience. She started by singing a song without any music, before taking off her coat to reveal a stunning stripy dress and sitting at the piano to play "Astrounaunt" followed by "Ambersand" both from her solo album.

The show was much more serious than the KOKO show, very stripped down and personal. The most amusing parts were Neil Gaiman (he was only a few pews in front of us)!!! singing a filthy hymn, and Polly Scattergood appearing on the balcony to sing "Puff the Magic Dragon."

There were "Ask Amanda" sessions scattered throughout (there was a box on the merch stall) and an artist was painting through the show, the painting got auctioned towards the end of the show.

I can't find the setlist anywhere, but it was mainly the slower songs off her solo album (I was quite disappointed about no guitar hero or leeds united, and no uke)! and older Dresden Dolls songs and the highlights for me were Oasis with Polly Scattergood's band and "Runs in the Family".

Even though my favourite AFP songs are the more upbeat songs, and in a way I prefered the last gig I saw, I was still entralled, the way she plays the piano and her voice is so amazing. She just comes across so lovely as well, I feel like her know her personally from reading all her stuff online. I was so tempted to go onto the stage and just give her a hug! Luckily I wasn't drunk, haha (there is a bar but not allowed to take drinks into the church part).

All in all, another fantastic gig, just very different. Can't wait for the next time :)

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  1. I'm so glad you had a good time! Sorry we didn't get to talk much and lost each other at the end. The trains were so bad I understood you had to go, but we ended up in the signing queue and thought we'd stay (Kirsten was quite keen, she'd even brought her book around London with her all day!). We just caught our last train back, luckily - it was a bit touch and go at one point :P.

    This is a really good review :). And you should totally get a uke! You and me and Ruth can have an all-girl bass and uke band! xxx